Fried foods

Fried foods are also very popular in Japan. Tempura may be the best known among them all, but local favorites include cutlets or slices of breaded meat fried in oil. Kushiage or skewered meat and vegetables fried in oil are also popular with international tourists for their accessibility.

Cuisine List

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    6Washoku (Traditional Japanese Food)


    Tonkatsu GANKO Detail

    A Tonkatsu specialty restaurant, Ganko's tonkatsu is fried at the kitchen right by the front door. The menu features Kagoshima-raised Kurobuta (Black Pork), known for its slightly sweet-tasting fat, the fine-grained and light tasting meat of the Sangenton and Saga prefecture-raised Arita chicken, in addition to fried prawns or Ebi Fry. Each item is accompanied by the restaurant's original fruit-based sauce. Ganko also sells bentos (boxed lunch) that are made to order and can be enjoyed fresh. English menu and kids' menu are also available. 

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    27Washoku (Traditional Japanese Food)


    Mathuba Detail

    "Matsuba specializes in Kushikatsu, an Osaka specialty featuring deep fried beef, seafood, and vegetables
    Opened in 1948, the restaurant attracted many loyal customers over the years for its unpretentious style of stand-up dining. Kushikatsu is typically enjoyed in Osaka as an accompaniment to beer or sake, and commuters can be found dining at the restaurant on their way home from work. Diners can choose their Kushikatsu from countertop containers or order separately. The menu is reasonably priced, starting at ¥100 per skewer."