These are both typical Kansai street food. Takoyaki is grilled into creamy meatball-sized spheres with a single octopus chunk in it. Okonomiyaki is made from a batter of wheat and water mixed with shredded cabbage and cooked on a griddle. Both are served with a sauce and and very much part of Kansai's popular everyday culture.

Cuisine List

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    Messe Kuma Detail

    Osaka's quintessential cuisine is the Kansai style Okonomiyaki, which is a mixture of flour, cabbage and pork is cooked on an iron griddle like a pancake. Sit at the counter and watch the Okonomiyaki being cooked. Select from 3 types of sauces and dig in while it's still hot. Pair your meals with any of the 8 varieties of locally brewed sake, such as the slightly acidic and dry Akishika. They make an excellent companion to Okonomiyaki. Enjoy Kansai's soul food to your heart's content.

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    Aidu-ya Detail

    "Known throughout the country as Osaka's comfort food, Takoyaki's origins are right here at this restaurant.
    The founder added some beef and konnyaku in a wheat flour batter and created the Rajioyaki, which became the base for octopus toppings that eventually morphed into Takoyaki. The Takoyaki, with its strong Dashi soy flavor, is to be enjoyed without sauce or mayonnaise. It is hard to stop eating these small, bite size pieces you can pop into your mouth. Watch the cooking process unfold as the chef rolls the dough and cook them. "

    Weekdays and Saturdays 10:00~22:30
    Sundays and holidays 10:00~21:30:00〜:00
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    Kukuru Hanatoko Detail

    In a city teeming with gourmet food, one enduring local favorite is Takoyaki. Kukuru is a famous Takoyaki joint, with the original restaurant located in Osaka's Dotombori where competition is fierce among the finest restaurants. The restaurant takes pride in its Takoyaki, with the large slices of octopus that occupy the soft and creamy innards of a wheat-based batter. Other items on the menu include a chewy textured Yakisoba, rice and octopus cooked in Dashi (Tako rice) and many others that represent Osaka's rich food culture. Available as take out.

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    Takoya Dotombori Kukuru Detail

    Kansai's soul food Takoyaki is cooked with wheat flour, eggs, octopus, then after it's grilled, served up with sauce and mayonnaise. This popular haunt among adult diners in Osaka specializes in super creamy Takoyaki featuring large chunks of octopus. From Takoyaki with cheese to the restaurant's original Akashiyaki served with a thick Japanese Dashi-based sauce, the menu is full of variety. Your order is grilled up right in front of you so enjoy some Takoyaki while they're still hot.

    10:00〜22:30 (L.O. 22:00)