When it comes to Japanese noodles, ramen may have the biggest international following, but let's not forget other delicious noodles like udon and soba. Enjoy the savory broths of udon and soba in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Cuisine List

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    Shiobi Detail

    Serving traditional Japanese noodle dishes like Udon and Soba. The homemade noodles are cooked once the order has been placed, so the fresh out of the pot noodles are have a delectable texture. A variety of toppings and noodles are available. Choose from fried prawn, duck and many others, to go with dipping style Zaru Soba noodles or warm Japanese Dashi broth noodles. Place your order at the cashier where you will be given a number. Pick up your order when your number gets called.

    Weekday 7:30~22:30
    Saturday Sundays and public holidays 7:30~22:00
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    Enjoy a bowl of Kagawa Prefecture-style Sanuki Udon right here in Osaka. Sanuki noodles, which are synonymous with Kagawa's food culture, are cooked slightly al denote or firm to the bite. The same cooking methods are applied at Meriken-ya. In addition to Udon, the menu features many different kinds of toppings, and rice dishes. The juicy bone-in chicken is a perennial favorite of many loyal customers. Set menus consist of Udon with a rice dish and is perfect for the hungry eater.

    Weekdays and Saturdays 9:00~22:00
    Sundays and holidays 9:00~21:00
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    In addition to the main offering of Soba, Naniwa serves Udon Noodle and Rice Bowl meals. Stand-up dining is available for customers in a hurry. Naniwa was dubbed Japan's fastest soba shop by the media -- once an order goes through, meals can be ready in as fast as 10 seconds. Not just known for speed, Naniwa has been serving up the rich flavors of its Kansai style Dashi broth for over 40 years to many of its enduring fans.