[Direct connection] 5 min. on the JR Kyoto Line
[Direct connection] 5 min. on the Osaka Municipal Subway
[Direct connection] 25 min. on the JR Kyoto Line
Kansai International Airport
[Direct connection] 65 min. on the JR Kansai Airport Line, Kansai Airport Rapid Service

Premises MAP

Eki Marche Shin Osaka is located within JR Shin Osaka Station's conventional lines. When switching trains from a Shinkansen to a conventional line, commuters can shop and dine without leaving the premises.

Premises map

Accessing Eki Marche Shin Osaka from other train stations 

Purchase a ticket for Shin Osaka, then once you've arrived, exit the ticket gates once to purchase another ticket for the ride home, either before or after shopping.

If you are not using JR

Purchase a ticket to enter Eki Marche Shin Osaka. The ticket is valid for 2 hours. For a stay that exceeds 2 hours, shoppers will be charged extra,

* ICOCA cards are not accepted for admission