How can the coupons be used?
For how much worth of coupons
can be used?


Please hand in the coupon ticket to shop assistance.

  • This coupon ticket can be used when 500 yen (tax included) or more worth of purchase is made per person. This ticket can also be used as a group when 500 yen (tax included) or more worth of purchase is made per person as well. (ex. When using a ticket for 3 people, the purchase of 500 yen x 3 people = 1,500 yen needs to be made.)
  • This ticket is worth 200 yen per person. For group discount, this ticket can be used for 10 people at most and 200 yen worth x number of people (ex. If 10 people use this ticket it will be 2,000 yen) will be discounted.

When will the coupon be expired?


【Coupon Ticket Machine】
The coupon tickets must be used until March 31, 2018. They become invalid after the expiration date.


Can credit card or China Union
Pay be used for a payment?
Or can those cards be used in


Yes. However, please note that some cards may not be accepted with system’s restriction. Using those cards and coupon in combination is also available.


Is tax exemption available?
Is foreign currency accepted?


This store does not offer duty-free goods. Foreign currencies cannot be used here. For duty-free services, please visit the EKIDONKI store (7:00-23:00) in EKI MARCHE Osaka (Osaka Station), KiBERA (10:00-22:00), 7-Eleven (6:30-23:00). Foreign currencies are accepted only at EKIDONKI store (7:00-23:00). *As of May 1, 2017