Umesankouji is conveniently located just 3 minutes away by foot from JR Osaka Station's Sakurabashi Exit. Anchored by an izakaya, traditional Japanese restaurant, Udon, Okonomiyaki and Ramen shops, Umesankouji is packed with specialty restaurants inspired by the concept of Yokocho, or street corner food. Seven Eleven Heart-In are also among the 17 retailers that occupy this space.
Business hours: 7 am - 11 pm (varies by store)
Open everyday

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    A lively day time and night time spot to enjoy beer, sake and other alcoholic beverages along with different varieties of snacks. Komichi features a big snack menu, as well as affordable priced sashimi and Kushikatsu, Osaka's favorite fast food. Also in the menu is a selection of Oden, simmering in a savory Japanese Dashi. Japanese sake from all over the country can be found here. Watch as your server pours a generous amount of sake into a special cup in what amounts to a dinner table performance. During lunch hours, enjoy a cup of Japanese sake with a Teishoku lunch. 

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    A branch of Kirin City, the beer restaurant known for its unique beer pouring method. A beer master vetted through an incredibly difficult examination pours the draft keg beer in three intervals. The rising creamy foam helps tamp down acidification, making the beer delicious down to the last drop. Kirin Brau Meister and Ichiban Shibori Stout (Black Draft) are among the many selections from the menu. Great beer calls for great original recipes, such as the house specialty of dried baby anchovies or Shirasu stir fried with super thin-sliced potatoes. Stylish servers add to the excellent atmosphere of this beer heaven.

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    Shiobi Detail

    Serving traditional Japanese noodle dishes like Udon and Soba. The homemade noodles are cooked once the order has been placed, so the fresh out of the pot noodles are have a delectable texture. A variety of toppings and noodles are available. Choose from fried prawn, duck and many others, to go with dipping style Zaru Soba noodles or warm Japanese Dashi broth noodles. Place your order at the cashier where you will be given a number. Pick up your order when your number gets called.

    Weekday 7:30~22:30
    Saturday Sundays and public holidays 7:30~22:00
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    Ushio Detail

    A bar with a selection of beer and Japanese sake that also serves seasonal seafood dishes at affordable prices. Salmon and tuna sashimi, abalone cooked in butter, diced steak, and chicken Karaage (fried chicken) are just a few of the offerings at Ushio priced at around ¥500 per plate. During lunch hours, the restaurant offers rice bowls with different choices for toppings, from seafood to Tempura. Chinese speaking staff on hand.

    Weekday 11:00~23:00
    Saturday Sundays and public holidays 11:00~22:00
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    6Washoku (Traditional Japanese Food)


    Tonkatsu GANKO Detail

    A Tonkatsu specialty restaurant, Ganko's tonkatsu is fried at the kitchen right by the front door. The menu features Kagoshima-raised Kurobuta (Black Pork), known for its slightly sweet-tasting fat, the fine-grained and light tasting meat of the Sangenton and Saga prefecture-raised Arita chicken, in addition to fried prawns or Ebi Fry. Each item is accompanied by the restaurant's original fruit-based sauce. Ganko also sells bentos (boxed lunch) that are made to order and can be enjoyed fresh. English menu and kids' menu are also available. 

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    The thick and savory Tonkotsu-based soup comes in 3 choices: salt, soy and miso. The Japanese Dashi-based Chicken soup comes in 6 choices. Find one that appeals to your taste buds. Other offerings include all you can eat Menma or Kimchi, and a variety of side dishes including Gyoza Dampling, Tenshin Fried Rice and Fried Rice. 

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    Messe Kuma Detail

    Osaka's quintessential cuisine is the Kansai style Okonomiyaki, which is a mixture of flour, cabbage and pork is cooked on an iron griddle like a pancake. Sit at the counter and watch the Okonomiyaki being cooked. Select from 3 types of sauces and dig in while it's still hot. Pair your meals with any of the 8 varieties of locally brewed sake, such as the slightly acidic and dry Akishika. They make an excellent companion to Okonomiyaki. Enjoy Kansai's soul food to your heart's content.

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    Offers entrees designed around the day's catch sourced every morning from the fish market, featuring an Assortment of 6 varieties of Sashimi, whose affordable seasonal offerings make it a local favorite. Other items on the menu include Japanese cuisine crafted from fresh seafood, Kushikatsu (deep-fried breaded meat or vegetables on skewers), and Sushi. The restaurant also boasts a select line up of Japanese Sake, including the Fukuju Junmai Ginjo, which won the Highest Gold Medal at an international Sake competition. Photos accompany the menu to make ordering easy.

    Weekdays and Saturdays 8:00~23:00
    Sundays and holidays 8:00~22:00
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    Enjoy a bowl of Kagawa Prefecture-style Sanuki Udon right here in Osaka. Sanuki noodles, which are synonymous with Kagawa's food culture, are cooked slightly al denote or firm to the bite. The same cooking methods are applied at Meriken-ya. In addition to Udon, the menu features many different kinds of toppings, and rice dishes. The juicy bone-in chicken is a perennial favorite of many loyal customers. Set menus consist of Udon with a rice dish and is perfect for the hungry eater.

    Weekdays and Saturdays 9:00~22:00
    Sundays and holidays 9:00~21:00
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    The Bikkuri Araiso Ohbachi Zukuri, with its generous serving of fresh seafood, is this restaurant's specialty. Using only ingredients that pass the chef's eye test, the entrees not only taste good, but they also look good. Dassai, a Monde Selection award-winning Japanese Sake, is among more than 15 varieties offered here and pair wonderfully with the entrees. Attention to detail doesn't end with the food -- it extends to the design of the space, from the counter seats with a view of the food being prepared to the modern Japanese aesthetic of the private rooms.

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    Aidu-ya Detail

    "Known throughout the country as Osaka's comfort food, Takoyaki's origins are right here at this restaurant.
    The founder added some beef and konnyaku in a wheat flour batter and created the Rajioyaki, which became the base for octopus toppings that eventually morphed into Takoyaki. The Takoyaki, with its strong Dashi soy flavor, is to be enjoyed without sauce or mayonnaise. It is hard to stop eating these small, bite size pieces you can pop into your mouth. Watch the cooking process unfold as the chef rolls the dough and cook them. "

    Weekdays and Saturdays 10:00~22:30
    Sundays and holidays 10:00~21:30:00〜:00
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    This steak restaurant is just off of the Umesan Kouji Arcade. The large steaks are served on sizzling iron plates and come with three different sauces including garlic. Favorites include rare Wagyu beef filet or sirloin steaks that melt in your mouth, so that even females can eat them all up. The salad bar set is available after 5pm. Order a draft sparkling wine or some other drink to go with your meal and enjoy!

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    15Cafe and Sweets


    DOUTOR Coffee Shop Detail

    A destination for many seeking freshly brewed cups of coffee. Painstakingly selected quality beans are directly flame roasted to achieve the deep and rich flavor people have come to expect. The perfect cup for a relaxing coffee time break. Lattes, mochas and other coffee drinks are also available. A complete food menu includes the cafe's popular Milano Sandwich made from freshly baked bread, which together with the fragrant coffee is a match made in heaven.

    Weekdays and Saturdays 7:00~22:00
    Sundays and holidays 7:00~21:00